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SUNDAY LETTER: How to differentiate yourself from the majority of people

Happy Sunday!

Today, I'd like to share a simple way to differentiate yourself from the majority (probably very large majority) of people.

I'm talking about your competitors...

Your rivals...

And just about anybody.

Here it is. The big advice:

Do what you say you're going to do — and do it consistently.

That's it.

That's the advice.

Simple, right?

Sure, and yet...

Now, to be sure, make sure what you say you're going to do is aligned with your life vision.

Make sure it jibes with your definition of what an aligned life looks like to you.

Of course, you need to define your life vision and alignment first.

I'm not even saying you have to do things that are unique, different, or out-of-this-world.

Simply do what you say you're going to f*cking do — and do it consistently.

"I'm going to write a book." (Stop talking about it and actually do it.)

"I'm going to give more speeches." (Stop talking about it and actually do it.)

"I'm going to start a company." (Yep..less talky more doey.)

"I'm going to find a more fulfilling job." (You know the drill.)

Whatever it is, do.

It's pretty sad, really.

I mean, the fact that simply doing what you say you're going to do, and doing it consistently, blows people away.

They're not used to it.

And, in many cases, they'll feel like dogsh*t because they'll be envious that you actually did what they only talk about.

In Texas, they have a saying, "All hat and no cattle."

Translation: He/she talks a big game, but never backs it up.

Here's your mission: Bring the hat AND the cattle.

Now, on this note, you signed up for the Freedom Inner Circle and you're paying for it. So how about attending one or more of our upcoming events?

Here they are. Simply click on the link and RSVP and you're part of the way there:


    • Too "busy" to attend this session? No you're not, you're simply clogging your day with bullsh*t. Now, if you choose not to attend this session because you have another true priority, then good on you. In this session we'll discuss the "Priority Means One" Method to achieving your outcomes.


    • Your clients aren't going to buy from you because of your "why." They're going to buy because of their "why." In this training session, we'll discuss how to align your why with their why to create a clear and compelling IMPACT STORY that speaks to the positive impact your clients get from working with you.


Hope to see you at these events...

And really consider this: What have you been talking about doing for weeks/months/years and never done?

It's time to back it up by doing ... and doing consistently.



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