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Empowering you to unleash your creativity to live your life of freedom and fulfillment.

The Impact You Receive

  • Unleash your creativity.

  • Create your life of freedom and fulfillment.

  • Access to live virtual events helping you align your self-care, your relationships, and your work/career.

  • Monthly mastermind events.

  • The Sunday Letter from Curt helping you ready your abundance mindset for the week ahead.

  • Join and grow together with like-minded individuals.

This is the impact of the Freedom Circle.

How it Works

Here's what you get when you join the Freedom Circle:

  • Minimum of three virtual LIVE events per month.

  • This includes a monthly mastermind session.

  • Also includes two live trainings by Curt or guest experts.

  • Curt's private "Sunday Letter" delivered to your inbox.

  • Digital copy of Curt's Amazon bestseller, "Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle."

  • Topics covered in trainings/spotlights include: Breathwork, meditation, branding, sales, priority/time management, biz growth strategies, mindset, health and energy boosting.

  • Members have access to ALL archived trainings/programs.


The Freedom Circle is hosted by Curt Mercadante, principal of Merc Enterprises, who helps individuals unleash their creativity to live their lives of freedom and fulfillment.


For more than 23 years, Curt has counseled small business, entrepreneurs, as well as some of the largest corporations and associations in the country. He’s built three profitable businesses, including a 7-figure Public Relations and Advertising agency. 


Curt has received certifications by Gallup ("StrengthsFinder") and the Primal Health Coaching Institute, is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, and author of the bestselling book, “Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle.”


Curt has spoken, trained, and consulted around the world.

Curt, his wife, and their four children are currently living in Sedona, Arizona, following a year of traveling the country on a freedom lifestyle adventure.  


Merc Enterprises, LLC is the creation of Curt Mercadante,

a branding expert, bestselling author, speaker, and trainer who has built several profitable businesses, including a 7-figure PR/ad agency he shut down at peak revenue to help himself and

others find freedom and fulfillment.



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